Case Study –

Martinez Hauling of San Francisco

currently -Websight hosted at

  • Domain
  • Four page website
  • Multiple local phone numbers
  • cost in excess of $400 a month
  • other (? unknown)
  1. Create new Google account.  this will allow for autonomous creation and management with out interfering with existing accounts and marketing.   Both Gmail and Google Voice set up and forwarding to pre existing email and phone accounts.
  2. Create LastPass Account for managing Passwords
  3. Google Keyword tool to determine good domain name
  4. Register Domain and install WordPress
  5. Build Basic Website, four pages light content.  Skim existing website for general information.  Replace existing email and phone numbers with new contact information.  review competition websites for general layout and content ideas.
  6. Extend website with Plugins and Widgets
  7. Create account to enable jetpack Extentions
  8. Create social media accounts to connect to JetPack Widgets




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