Web Presence

Walk Through of setting up a new Web Presence

  1. Establish Contact information
  2. Establish Target Keywords and Competition
  3. Establish Account and Password Management
  4. Establish Web sight
  5. Establish  Social Media Accounts
  6. Establish Management Dashboards

Accounts to be created: (in order)

  • Gmail  (to get a voice number)
  • Google Voice (phone number for target area)
  • Google Adwords (Keyword Tool)
  • Google Web Tools (analytics)
  • Google + (social media)
  • LastPass (password management)
  • Godaddy (domain registration and hosting)
  • Website (wordpress installation)
  • WordPress.com (widget extentions)
  • Facebook (social media)
  • Twitter (social media)
  • LinkedIN (social media)
  • HootSuite (social media management)
  • Cyfe (analytics dashboard)
  • Podomatic (audio file hosting)
  • feedburner (audio file distribution (rss))
  • iTunes  (audio feed directory listing)
  • Podcastally (audio feed directory listing)
  • YouTube (video file directory listing)

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