Build a Website, Store & Blog! – 2013

Direct Link:

Tyler builds a real businesses website.

Worm Composting and More

Points of intrest
  • Website Tour (what to expect)
  • Domain registration and hosting (HostGator)
  • Installing Word Press
  • Getting a WordPress Theme (what is a theme)
  • Adding content
  • Adding images (purchasing Stock Photos)
  • Adding Plugins (time 52:37)
    • Using Google Fonts (time 53:29)
    • Symple CSS Styling (code editing) (time 56:22)
  • Widgets (time 1:02)
  • Setup Blog Posts(time 1:27)
  • Sidebar (time 1:36)
  • Adding an online store (product sales) (time 1:39)
  • Ten Tips: (time 2:04)
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Keyword Tool
    • Partner up with magazines to advertise
    • Brake even on some products
    • Build an Email list (mail or AWabber)
    • Learn a little coding (
    • Graffics and other help from
    • Make a Video
    • Do Educational Things (realy good Content)
    • Chanel Development (Amazon – Google Feed)



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