Stock Brokers

This is a list of brokers, good for Penny Stocks

Many Brokers discourage penny stocks – most make it difficult to be a day trader – I guess they think they are doing you a favor – Saving you from your self. – more likely its just an opportunity for more profits for them.

I use OptionXpress (owned by Schawab – I think)

Hear is a list i got from

Speculator Picks –

Best Online Brokers for Investing and Trading


If you are interested in opening a brokerage account, there are no fees to open the account. However, there is a minimum initial deposit. For E*TRADE Securities accounts, an account minimum deposit of either at least $500 in cash or a deposit of securities is required within 60 days of account opening for the account to remain active. You do not need to have a certain number of years in experience to trade penny stocks here. There is a basic commission of $9.99 per order (buy and sell), however, the price varies depending on the type of order you place. E*TRADE’s Phone Number: 1-800-387-2331, Web address:

2) Scottrade

$500 minimum deposit makes it have wider appeal. It charges only $7 per trade. ! Yes, you can invest in penny stocks here. They don’t require a certain level of experience to trade low cost stocks here. They do not require you to maintain a minimum balance. Scottrade’s Phone Number: 1-800-619-7283, Web address:

3) Zecco

Trades are just $4.95 for stocks and ETFs. Option trades are only $4.95 plus $0.65 per contract. Penny stock trades are a flat $6.95. There is no minimum deposit required to open or maintain an online trading account. You will be able to trade stocks valued below $1. No experience is required to perform trades. Phone Number: 1-877-700-7682.

4) OptionsXpress

You can trade under $1.00 penny stocks. There is no minimum funding required. The commission per trade is $8.95 flat. No experience required. Phone Number: 1-888-280-8020. Web Address:

5) OptionsHouse

OptionsHouse allows trading of most pink sheet and bulletin board securities. For stocks priced $2.00 or less, add $0.005 per share for the entire order. Customers may trade up to 50,000 shares; trades in excess of these parameters require multiple order tickets and will be billed as separate orders. The minimum funding level for a cash account is $1000. The minimum funding level for a margin account is $2000. The stock commission rate is $3.95. No experience needed. Phone Number: 1-877-653-2500. Website Address:

6) Ameritrade

Ameritrade is one of the better-known discount online brokers. There is no minimum deposit. They also have special promotions for free trades and bonus cash. They charge a flat $9.99 for all market and limit orders and that includes your OTCBB and penny stocks. Ameritrade’s Contact Number: 1-800-454-9272. Web address:

7) Schwab

Schwab allows you to trade low cost stocks. There are no fees to open and maintain an account with Schwab. If you are interested in a Schwab One brokerage account, you can start with as little as $1,000. The $1,000 minimum can be waived if you establish automatic monthly deposits of at least $100. $8.95 per trade is the base fee. No experience is needed to trade OTC.
Schwab Phone Number: 1-800-435-4000. Web Address:

8) Sharebuilder

They do not have any minimum deposit requirements. You could open an account today and choose to leave it unfunded until you’re ready to use it. The base commissions are generally between $4 and $9.95, depending on the type of trade that you place. They also apply a surcharge on stocks that trade under $1 per share. There is no experience necessary; they have a lot of great research and education tools available to help investors of any pedigree get started! Phone number: 1-800-747-2537. Web Address:

9) Just2Trade

Just2Trade charges $2.50 per trade for both market and limit orders – including all penny stocks. You need an opening balance of $2,500 to open an online account. To trade under $1.00 stocks, you need to indicate you have at least 2 years of trading experience. Just2Trade’s Phone Number: 1-877-206-2274. Web address:

Disclaimer: Some of the above brokers may compensate us (Speculator Picks) for recommending them. By using them, you agree Financial Times is not responsible for your activities with third party vendors like brokers.

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