I recently had a conversation with a fri

I recently had a conversation with a friend. He is skeptical about the development of State Sponsored Mining of Bitcoin. In particular the Government of to Inner Mongolia, a province in China. Looking for references to support the idea, I turned to Tim Swanson @ofnumbers and http://www.ofnumbers.com/. Tim is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the Bitcoin community and had an answer almost immediately.
– Hi, this has been reposted on dozens of other sites: http://www.thecoinsman.com/2014/08/bitcoin/inside-one-worlds-largest-bitcoin-mines and was resubmitted on reddit a number of times.
The person you should really talk to is Yifu Guo, the guy behind the ASIC Avalon, he can tell you all those numbers because he advocates against the centralization that has occurred.
Also, unrelated to Inner Mongolia is this piece I tweeted last week: http://www.bitell.com/t/2075

I have meet with Yifu who recently returned from truing the Inner Mongolia site himself. Not only is he concerned with centralized mining but also the diminishing number of nodes on the network. Yifu suggests that a less then 51% attack is possible if the number of nodes is not maintained.


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