Social Marketing and Marketing

A friend, Duncan, wants to advertise his app in the app store.  How should he proceed?

The fallowing is a summery of the discussion lead by Taariq Lewis.
The App ‘Picture Board’ (free on iPad only) or Picture Board Plus (iPhone and iPad). This app is for speaking impaired to facilitate communications
If you are selling at $4.99 and you need spend 30% on marketing
If you want to get $10,000 you need to spend $3500 in marketing (on average)
If you give away an app and download 118 a month and sell 3 you sell 1 to 30
We have a marketing model.
Lets look a the data we sell health and fitness.
Where do they buy their apps where do they get their referrals.

This app is a assistance aap for speech impairment

Most of referrals come from teachers and specialty assistance.  Customers are coming from down syndrome and strokes

We need to create a weekly post on our own blog.  This will develop credibility.  Then we ask other bloggers to be guests on our blog and offer to support them.  By giving them service they can be encouraged to share your service or app to their readers.

We need to focus on channels that already have the problem.
Down syndrome
Stroke victims

Each week we develop and a blog based on the the focus group.

Next we develop a Webinar.

Webinars are some of the best forms of return on investment.

Should we drop the price from 4.99 to 1.99 or .99?
The argument is Perceived value.  A low price suggests low value.  So the vote is no, although personally I believe they should drop the price.


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