Ripple and the Blockchain

Edward Katzin talked on his startups development as an international exchange building on ripple.

Ripple is getting authorization to work on the Fed wire where bitcoin is getting tiled no. This makes authorization easy as ripple hass dun all the leg work and built a very visibility. You can’t get on the fed wire if your not a bank. Likewise there are five similer networks each requiring their own authorization. To cross global transactions can tuch several or all of them.

Ripple already has several clearing houses and hedge funds capitalization of cep wet fro 500 tjousand to over 52 million.

Ripple the network and ripple cep are two very different things one has little to do with the other.
Ripple. Business model is to increes the transaction so as to inverse the desirability of xrp.
You meem a money services lisence. Either aquifer or rent one.

We can do full match full transparency on the ripple network. Something very difacult in standard network. Setalment times on ripple is almost instantainious due to trust relationships within ripple.

We maintain deposits in the gateway only to support the transaction. We sweep all funds daly to min amuse exposure.

If your not doing mining your doing remitence.
We are able to get the cost of remitence down below 1%
So we can charge the client 1.5% and are verry profitable.


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