Pavel Kravchenko on cryptography

Security underlying bitcoin.
PhD In security
Specializing in publicly key securityincription is only one layer of protection. Hackers don’t attack the most secure part of the system. The protocalls and boot systems.

Open sorry is good as it exposes to crowed source testing.
Why should bitcoin go down in value when an exchange is hacked. The value of the asset is still the same only the owner has been hurt.

One way functions
12×5 = 60. 60 = ?x?

Dolev Yao principal
A hacker can gain access to the intier system but cannot guess a random number

Probability and Entropy
A bell curve I has a specific trajectory and can be predicted

The number of operations needed to perform an activity. The price of work that will consume resources. I

Hackers can crack you adress an put there wallet in you place. Bitcoin dose not secure this

Maps message a random against a known gives an Outcome usually 128 or 256 bit known block incription. If you change one bit of a key all parts change

Bitcoin dose not use inscription in the protocol. Only the storage and access use inscription

If you never use a key it is ne’er impossible to brake as the key is unknown and built by the hash



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