Trading part two

II litriture discusses patern recognition more so then financial litriture

Reviewing open library sources
Load public library’s
Devide up the portfolio in to equal parts and speed it across commodities
Daly data on the 25 most liquid stocks from SMP500 since 1997 (thAt is there data limet) The data in

The reder reeds the data and use similer restricted data evaluates and validates rebalances

For futures it’s a ninja data set looking at copper gold silver and euro. ‘
Bbz vbx
U wan to trade like instruments tom
Mp keep corliation. Comodtities return 40x over the past 15 years.

Returning on currencies with a five day window seemed to be better (small widows seemed better) then compare to the next window. Five day’s to the. Next five days or a ten day hole. Corilation.

Sallee player move in between the big players. Riding the wave of biger players as they move in And out

A allocation strategy so benchmark like smp or markawits.

Goggle for past. Performance paper written buy one guest.



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