Trading bits

Uses my geek (?) for time stamp
Getting the time stamp is vitel
Five two peet sellse a good deal for 500 but I want to do 5,000 now it’s a technical issue for handeling the load

Where is the float
Subscribe to the letter and hypothise is from there

I never know when people are out so behavior is unreliable. Small firms have price impact. Small plays need to be used extending the buy in. So you are assuming risk over time.

Apple is 60 % institutional so it moves more slowly. When do certentiye when reports are issued. Between reports opportunities. Stay away within two weeks of reporting period. Now with in a one two two month period we have opertunity. One hose up another will go down in standees fluctuation.

The farther you get from reports the grater the fluctuation. Entities will shift within an equalibrim.

Universal portfolio theaory
Apple went up 6000 %
Can smp beat that what’s the rebalancing scheme.

Asynchronous program that

Ninja trader meta trader can be used to build somthing on.

Just built an API to do this

Wants to cooperate if you have access to data I’m willing to share what I learned

Created currencies trading amalg. But did better trading commodities themselves



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