Motion tracking Modules and business strategy

Information on Sensoplex’s Motion tracking Modules and business strategy so you can keep us in mind for your future developments.

Our standard evaluation module (SP-10C) is a very small 15mmX40mm 10 axis Motion Tracker Module which can be housed in a bracelet to gather motion data (quaternian/euler) and feed this information via Bluetooth Low Energy to a handheld device (iOS or Android). We recently introduced a new firmware for our module based on the latest eMPL from Invensense which has several advantages in terms of performance, settings and adjustments, calibration and others. We are also offering a demo app (source code you can use) for iOS app developments.

This Smart Sensor Module combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP), 16 Bit Microcontroller from Renesas and Bluetooth Low Energy Radio + Li Ion Battery charger.

We are also working on activity recognition solutions (32 bit architecture) as well as modules with biosensors such as heart monitor, oxygen, perspiration and other sensors (Available beg May 2014)

In case this is of interest, we have an SKD to evaluate the Motion Sensing capability and take it from there.

The SDK and Module pricing is as follows:

SDK (Development Kit) -SP-1010

Dev Kit



Starter kit (2 SP-10BN + 1 Adapter Card + 1 cable)


(shipping included)

Production Module boards

* SP-10BN or SP-10C board only



The evaluation kit comes with a GUI which is used for setting sensor values. Please watch this video as it will make it much clearer

Sensoplex’s buinsess model is to engage with customers and develop the hardware they need for their Wearable sensor project and in the long term manufacture and take care of the supply chain for them so they can concentrate on their IP and product app, sales and marketing. Together this will allow our customers to bring products to market much faster and gain market share.


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