Some digital currencies are less desirableness.  As exchanging them for us dollars have a premium.  Also the liquidity may be less.

If you want to cash out go to Bitcoin or Lightcoin before converting to us dollar.  Coin traders are more accepting of  alternate coins and may have a use for them.  The ‘better’ coins are more deliverable and will have a higher trading value in exchange for us dollar.

For storage use a vertualy prive server and install a walet

How do you gave the value and reliability of a currency.
Volume graded and market cap.
If it’s widely used and has a low hash rate it is probably a scam hash rate refers to mining Volume. If a coin is pre mined by 30% or more it is probably a pump and dump. They have built up a stock pile they intend to dump

Lots of countries issue there own curency. Some do well. Trading in currency cano cure in digicoin the same as regular currency.

Don’t do business in New York sate. There regulators are out to create a name forthemselvs for political career

As for wallets keeping in an exchange is of good. Pool wallets are also dangerous. A vps at an obscure adress and don’t tell any one where it is.
Use the standard bit coin block chain storage wallet. Or for other coins use there respective dedicated walets.
Hash rate fluctuation USA sign of tradeBility the hasH rate is the network activity related the coin. More active hashrate Menes more trading and mining activity.
Easy entry
Easy spending or murchent involvement

Bit coin had a spike when surplus announced they were goingto a jeez assets all the Russians pulled out and largely baught in to bit coin. Causing the spike.

Keep in mind that creating a trading account if you have a foreign bank account you must report it to the irs. As of now the irs has not decided weather bitcoin is a currency or commodity. As a cuurrency it will be subject to international banking laws.


Futures trading

Selling puts

Naked selling
Escro for normalization of exchange

A bit coin prepaid card

Processing guys are going to mKe all the money

Tip bot on redit allows u to tip people for commenting
10 Dogecoin for a comment

Bit coin is moving taped. Ended banking simply doe to its own mass t ledger is 11 gigabytes mining will soon require wharehouse space due to the equipment required

Creating an exchang is a very difacult process.
SETI g up a prepared card system two programmers maybe three people for a year 300000 pluss infrastructure. Yup don’t want more then three people developing software or communication becomes cumbersome

1,000,0000 development teem and a 250,000 risk fund ( cover SettLing)

Perseus has just announced a high speed trading service



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