Inspiring Kids to Code .com


Kids are curious and desire achievement.  Helping kids grow and learn is a rewording passion.

Technology, built on computers, requires a skill of coding, or programming.  As Technology expands, and computers become more integrated in to our lives, the need for programmers, or Coders, grows exponentially.  Every new invention has multiple applications and every application requires coders to develop and build those applications.

Showing kids the possibilities of current technology and encouraging them to explore the possibilities of future technology, Inspires Kids to Code.  It inspires new insights to the possibilities of what can be.


Inspiring Kids to Code .com develops creativity an ability to think of what can be.

Inspiring Kids to Code prepares them for a world of tomorrow where computers and technology will be more and more integrated in to their lives.

Inspiring Kids to Code lets them shape and design what ever technology they can imagine.


The Coding Clubhouse Inspires Kids To Code by providing access to some of the latest technologies, by encouraging creativity and demonstrating possibilities.  The Coding Clubhouse provides opportunities to learn and practice with tomorrow’s technology today.

The Coding Clubhouse hosts classes, meetups and seminars where kids are shown not only what is, but what can be.  Robotics is revolutionizing industry and home life with every thing from industrial assembly to house hold chores.  Cell pones and personal devices are revolutionizing how people interact and how they manage their lives.  3D printers and scanners are revolutionizing almost everything that we touch and see.

Currently, in the United Sates alone, there are over 100,000 high level jobs for coders and programmers which can not be filled.  The computer technology industry is desperate for coders at all levels, coders for fixing cars, coders for building buildings, coders for inventing the Facebooks of tomorrow.

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