Purse.io a bitcoin exchange

An altcoin that is not a technical innovation is jus a pump and dump scheme.

Bitcoin has had several spikes in value. Dogecoin is undergoing similer fluctuations.
There is a lot of talk based around hype. This builds up value only for profit taking. The true value of the currency will only show over the long term.
Pers.io is an exchange that allows you to spend Dogecoin on amazon.
Create a wish list list your bitcoins and when some one buys your coins the us doller is barged for the purches. Purse says that this moddle allows for up to a 20% savings. Buyers are willing to spend
A premium on the transaction to aquifer the bitcoin.
Inspired by bit spend purse saw an opertunity to improve the business model.
Dogecoin users are verry different community from bitcoin users. The purse moddle is built around the wish list service offered by Amazon which is also offered by eBay and Walmart. Purse limites transactions to $1000 as a practice to limit fraud and transaction


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