Dogecoin, this dog has legs

Number two in total trades. Is largely used for tipping on social networks. Started as a joke but now is becoming a fundraising currency. Doge was released in December of 2013. In February barker cap was 50 millim bitcoin is at 4 billion. Crypto currency is is facing a lot of pump and dump players so the market is not stable facing large valuation swings.
Mining coins is the process of running a computer algorithm which produces coins. Coin miners are reworded for their efforts as a way to encourage mining. Once created by the miners the coins are sold on N exchange.
Dogs coin was based on lightcoin. Bitcoin has a time delay built in to verify the transaction. Bit coin can take 5, 8, or 10 hours doge ion can give you 95% certainty in less then 1 minute. There is a grater possibility of fraud. As a low value currency, used for tippling and gifting. The threat of loss through fraud.
As a fast processing currency. Dogecoin is better for shopping transaction. Over the counter transactions for instance can occur.
Cloud funding is a ready market as the moddle is low value high volume. Credit cards are problematic as they have large fees on small transaction. 10 cents to process A $1.00 transaction. Additionally credit cards are subject to fraud and charge backs which I freezes the cost of the transaction on the retailer. Transactions with dcurre is not subject to such large fees. A payment ca be transacted and varrified withe vertualy no cost as it only takes a email to send a crypto key.



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