Envy is a guide to who you want to be

Do you envy some one, some thing. What is it you envy? The car the house, the person. You may envy their things but not their personality. You may envy the personally but not the lifestyle.

Some people live simply with few possessions and you envy their serenity yet some one else may live a lavish life you envy, but not their crazy antics. Let what you envy guide you.

I envy the serenity of a giving life. I envy the possessions of a wealthy life.
I will strive for an income through giving. A high income.

I envy some one with a family. I envy some one who works from home.
I will strive to marry and have my own business.

Let what you envy be your passion. Fallow your passion

If I die tomorrow is this what I want to be doping today?


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