Leaders have the courage to fallow. Start a movement in 3 minutes

The first nut to start a movement is alone. They become a leader by embracing followers as equals. Accepting them and encouraging them to join in.
The first follower is a nut too, but gives the leader what they so desperately need, a follower.
More important is, the face that, the first flower becomes the leader of the followers. Other followers may now join in in safety, ‘they wont be alone, it is OK to fallow the lead nut.
Then come follower two and three then the rest to the leaders, five, six and seven. Knowing they will be safe they will not be singled out.
Then come the followers, those who want to follow, those who move the crowd.
Finally comes the critical mass and the mass just grows.

It takes courage to be the leader.
It takes more courage still to be the first follower, for the first follower is the leader of the followers.
The first follower leaders the followers and say its OK to follower the leader.

Watch the video and you will see how a nut starts a movement in there minutes.

excerpt From
Derek Sivers: How to start a movement


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