Why Buy the Expensive One

Consumer decision making, the trick of supersizing.

Popcorn at the theater? A medium may cost  $6.00. A large, twice the size, only $6.50. What A Deal! .50 cents for Twice As Much? Who wouldn’t buy that?

The Fact that you are now paying $6.50 for .10 cents worth of popcorn is irrelevant you just got twice as much for only .50 Cents. What A Deal!

Why would any one buy the medium, No One Would.  The only reason medium is listed is to make the large seem Cheep, and We Love Cheep.

Hears a good trick:

List three items; Small, Medium and Large.  Small is 1 cup.  Medium is 1.5 cups.  Large is 3 cups. No matter the price the large is the “deal” It Is So-much Bigger.  decide how much you want for the large, price the medium a few cents less and the small half the price.  For only twice the price you get so-much more.

You only need the small but the Large Is So Cheep that you spend more and all they are giving you is a couple pennies worth of popcorn.

You may not even have wanted the popcorn, but if you buy the large you are getting such a grate deal. I mean 3 times the popcorn, who would pass that up?

Take the Wall Street Journal for example. They once offer three options; Printed Paper delivered $x.0o. Online $x.50. OR or both (Print and Online) $x.75.

No one would get the online only, and almost no one will get the print only.  Thees just make the $x.75 look like  Deal.  The online should be less then print.  So why pay more… because its a deal. Because its Cheep in comparison.

Side note:  New has cashey

Why go with the one you know?  What drives your loyalty?  The new one is different and supposed to be better.  So we risk a little by trying the new one even though it costs more and is basically identical.  as long as it comes with presentation of being better and costs only a little more it must be better.  Right?

How about the newcomer?

You know Mayc’s, then Nostrum comes along.  You are willing to give Nostrum a chance because you have no loyalty to Mayc’s and Nostrum charges only a little more for “better” merchandise.  Now Nostrum looks cheep compare to Mayc’s.  Its only a little more, but its so much better, isn’t it?


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