Why We Want the Cheep One

Because it is such a grate deal.

Spirit air on on cheep.
Planet Money’s, Sara and Jacob fly to Fort Lauderdale Fl
NPR. Org
People hate to admit it but they come back

Why do there customers call Spirit “the worst” and swear they will “never come back”. Yet they do.

Cheap. They hate it but it’s cheep. 69 dollars ea. way instead of 150. People are cheep. Two hours of being uncomfortable? Is your time worth 45 dollars an hour.  Smaller seats, More of them, No Reclining.  But its Cheep.  Everything’s a la carte. Do you want a drink or food, do you want to bring a bag? Spirit even charges for Cary On Bags.

Plan ahead and know what your getting in to.

The flight attendant say “I seem them all the time. People who hate the flight. “I’ll never be back” but the are back. I see them I recognize them, they will be back.”



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