Don’t Fail to Act

  • Don’t fail to act.
  • No one can run your business like you can.
  • I have a gift for what I do, a Passion.
  • You can turn your Passion in to a way to impact the world.
  • You can monetize that.
  • Something you love.
  • Something your good at.
  • People will pay you for help and answers.
  • Who do you want to serve, Know You Audience

A missed opportunity is gone.  Notice opportunity and don’t be afraid to act.  The only failure is the failure to act.  If I try 10 times and succeed only 4 times I didn’t fail 6 time I succeeded!  Albert Edison succeeded 10,000 times in finding things that didn’t work.  Then he invented the Light bulb and impacted the world.

No one can do what you can do.  Help them, teach them, then let them.  they wont do it as good as you would have, they may even stumble.  Let Them. Guide Them. They will learn.

Fallowing you Passion gives you a drive, a desire to work harder, and ability to understand the details like no one else.

Impact the people around you. Share your passion and help them. Let them help you and you will impact the world.  The bigger your passion the bigger your impact.

Making Money is the easy part.  If you are passionate about something, some one else is too.  Weather its you garden or cloths, whatever it is, some one else wants to be better at that too.  Provide them with help, encouragement, and listen to them, They Will Pay You for That.

Something you love is not work.  Something you love is not a problem. Something you Love Is You Passion.

Something you good at.  You May not be good at playing the violin but if its your passion tell people about it.  Tell them what resources you have found.  Tell them what you have learned.  Maybe they wont pay you for playing but they will pay you for helping.

People will pay you for help and answers.

Know You Audience. know who you are talking to.  don’t treat a professional like a school child and don’t treat a a child like a Scholar.  know you audience and talk to you audience.  Listen to them.  Let them tell you what your good at and let them tell you what the want.

reference notes from episode 143
Steve Ulsher ceo
Author of ‘What is Your What’.


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