Easy Money – Lendingclub – This One Is For Real

Lendingclub.com Earn 14% return with low risk. 10% is a little safer.

Recommended by Eric.  They do small loans, under 35k.  Mostly for debt consolidation.  They return any where from 5 to 14% depending on risk level you chose.

Eric has invested 20k and speeds it across as meany  loans as he can.  He can set his risk level and his investment per loan level.  He has selected only people with good jobs and good credit, so low risk.

Then he has set loan limits as low as possible, $25 per loan. In this manner he has taken only a tiny piece of each loan, which may be up to 35k .  He is only $25. at risk if the loan fails.

Each loan may have over 1000 lenders or as few as 1 or 2.  Setting his risk this way Eric has a return average at about 9%


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