phpMyAdmin database set up

phpMyAdmin set up
From ‘Home’ (press ‘home’ icon, top left)

Select ‘Databases’ tab

Create database
‘enter site name’ (no spaces) ‘collation’ (leave as is)

Click create data base (the new database will appear in list below)

Click on ‘Check Privileges’ to the right on the database (now in the list below)

new page
Click on ‘Add user’

new page
User name: ‘Use text field’ (leave as is) ‘enter use name’ (no spaces) (save to last pass)
Host: ‘Any host’ (leave as is) ‘leave blank’
Password: ‘Use text field’ (leave as is) ‘leave blank’ (it will auto fill)
Re-type: ‘leave blank’ (it will auto fill)
Generate password ‘Generate’ click button ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ copy new password (save to last pass)

Database for user
‘leave blank’ Create database with same name and grant all privileges.
‘leave blank’ Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\_%).
‘leave check’ Grant all privileges on database “use name”. (user name will auto fill)

Global privileges ‘check box’ Check All

Data (skip) Structure (skip) Administration (skip) Resource limits (skip)

Bottom right corner
‘Go’ click button

An apparent warning pop-up will appear (disregard)

(Data Base and User have been created)
(Press ‘home’ icon, top left)


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