Online Education

Charlie Rose

Anant Agarwal, president of Created by Harvard
Amy Gutmann – President – University of Pennsylvania
Joel Klein Former NY City Chancellor – now CEO of
Tom Freedman of the NY times

Online education
We are in the earliest beginnings of a revolution the ALTAVISTA STAGE – 5 years from now it will look so different
The amplification of access to cores

Rob Grice teaches single variable calculus at PEN and has 50,000 students signed up
ACE has accredited the cores at PEN half a million singe ups

Needs Verification of completion and learning of curriculum

On line learning provide grater feed back to teachers

Doing it in k to 12

Reliable electricity
Cheep PC
Across India and Africa and South America
Are all causing an avalanche of access
If we don’t do it we will be dinosaurs

Ed x license a course to the San Jose University have deiced to adopt edx courses to supplement their regular on campus curses
The professor will no longer spout content but will teach how to process information

Simply putting a cores online doesn’t make it a better cores

Online courses have interactive capacity feed back loops
Dose not replace campus but there are millions of students who can have a campus base experience
Also we have autistic students opening up to education at PEN

San Jose MIT education was an actual study group with a control group
We went from a standard 51% graduation to a 90%

Most universities admit only a small percentage of those who apply Harvard admit less then 10% with and online course any one can attend

What about Africa
We have can rent a room and set up 50 PC’s pay for a satellite internet uplink and rent out the computers allowing education for pennies on the dollar

Was on an online teaching forum with 150,000 people for 62 different countries helping each other

On Amplify the K top 12 is so different we can’t lecture to Kids that play games
Games in science put you inside the cell fighting off the virus
Kids need to reading grate books getting kids to read grate texts like Fredrick Dugles – we get grate actors to read the first chapter with them and that gets the childes excitement up and the want to read the second third chapter you get feed back on how much a child is doing on a tablet simple reports they’ll direct what the student ts need and want – a great teacher can ask the grate question that gets the child thinking and intrigued
A teacher can ask questions and help there with how to learn rather then present information and hope they keep up, lecturing to them

“This new invention is to be mistrusted, it gives the impression of wisdom rather then wisdom itself” this was Socrates who thought the invention of writing would away with learning through memorization.

The element of creativity is still missing but the knolled is here the teacher can chase the intreag instead of the knowledge.

Show a grate teacher teaching, to teachers, so they can learn how to teach.

edX dose this online teaching 101

Power comes form innovation Strong economy growing work place
It comes from education

Teachers love this because it frees them up from lecturing and enables them to help with discovering.


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