Website issues

In setting up JunkSF I have been learning WordPress See junkSF a case studdy

in going through WP Step by step i decided to conect all social media.  In this i also set up Jetpack which conects through, so i set up a account.  In going through settings two options are 

Websigth URL


WordPress URL

My missunderstanding was to put in the URL of my new account… WHOOPS

this disabled my ability to log in to my WP insulation on the websight.

To Fix this i spent a day looking in to how to and such i 

the solution : log directly in to the ‘DataBase’ (in this case Go Daddy) the first thing i did was change teh db password … WHOOPS

that disabled the websight

ok how to fix this now

issue one

Log in to teh Database and edit teh db options directly set siteurl back to the primary domain name site

isue two

FTP access the site ad check the config file for what the dbpassword was, then change it back. Inversly i could have changed the config file to the new password but in this case it was eayser to change teh dbpassword

every thing good now 12 hours and 5 posts latter

What A Way To Learn!!!!!


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