How to Publish a Podcast.

A  simple, and free, way to get Publlish a podcast, and set up subscriptions.

Set up an account with these sites:

  1.  To host the audio files.
  2.  A blog is  where you promote the podcasts

Once you have recorded a podcast  upload it to podomatic.  Podomatic creates an enclosure of your podcast.

Post in your blog about you podcast. Insert a links to it. (to the podomatic page).  Right click on the “download” link of the podcast, copy the shortcut and then paste this link in the blog post.

Go to  feedburner, sign in. Where the page says “Burn a feed right this instant” type your blog address (eg. and chcck  the “I am a podcaster” box. Feedburner will give you a “feed” address: for example, myworld .

Publish this feed address on the  blog.

For a graphic, go to the “publicise” section of your feedburner page, then to the “chicklet chooser” section for some options.

Go to podcast directory sites and submit your feed to their directory.

Some podcast directories include:


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