How to make a podcast


a podcast without a script is going to be crap. No-one wants to hear you ramble   Write a script.  Know you intended  purpose and audience. Read it to someone , edit it, then edit it again.

Recording Software

Audacity is free program for recording and Mixing recordings  LAME  allows you to create mp3 files once you have finished recording with Audacity.


Recording Hardware
A built-in microphone such as a laptop oron a phone – this is fine for recording if the room is quiet.  A headset is better and can cancel out a lot of noise and pops.  A microphone is best, but may not be necessary.

With  a PC, a headset, Audacity, and  LAME,  Garageband for Macs, you are ready to go.



Audacity allows you to record into a microphone. It also allows you to bring other Tracks: music, loops, sounds or other voices,  into a  “project”.


Exporting to mp3

Go to “File/Export as Mp3″. Fill in a few details and then create an mp3 file.  The mp3 file combines them all into one


Upload the file to the internet


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