What causes us to do something?

Discomfort is the reason we do any thing.  The lack of achievement is a discomfort.  Following lazy achievement oriented growth causes us to invest in short term.  The most immediate and tangible source of gratification causes Shortsighted Decisions. Looking out 10 years is hard do to delayed satisfaction.

We can’t keep track of every individual expense or cost. we group or aggregate costs in to groups then compared these results to our last effort. we measure our selves by tangible goods, money , Cars, homes. Profitability = net assets

Be careful about investing your time and energy in to short term projects. in the end when you look back at you life the question is not how much money you left behind. the question is how menu people wish you were still here.

Give More then you Take

Invest in the Long Term

Profitability = gross return


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