How To Succeed In Life Without Really Trying


  • Always Smile

People Smile when they see a smile.  People are like to Happy People.  Smiling releases endorphins and makes you happy

  • Remember Names

The sweetest sound, to any body, is the sound of their own name.  It Makes them feel important.

  • Listen to Others

Everyone has a story to tell.  Every one has something to say.   Every one wants an audience.  Listen to their stories and advice and they will love you for it.

  • Suggest, Don’t Tell

People like to make their own decisions.  Telling some one what to do only builds resentment and distrust.  Although every one likes decisions to be made for them, “just tell me what to do” they want to feel as if they decided to do it.

  • Get a Job

The Easiest Way to make a lot of money is to let some one pay you for your time.  The Best Job – Secretary.  A secretary can leave at the end of the day and dose not take work home.  The work is generally indoors at a desk and often provides variation and even some challenges.  Remember this is, not the easiest way to get rich, just to get a lot of money.


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